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Born and raised in Minnesota you were in and around fishing and hunting your whole life as your father and grandfather would spend the time to introduce you into it correctly. The information that you always looked for in helping you in your fishing and hunting trips, especially in MN, was always at your fingertips and there is plenty of it as well.

So after moving to the New England region, it was time to relearn everything again as the waters and terrain are somewhat different. Living so close to the ocean, there isn’t that much information out there about freshwater fishing and that is what we typically fish for so that is when the BackWoods Sportsman OutDoors web site was born.

We would and still spend countless hours looking for information about the fishing of New England waters and the hunting in the New England woods that we figured that if we are looking for this information, there has to be others that are as well. So over the last number of years, BackWoods Sportsman OutDoors
web site has grown by leaps and bounds and is and will continually grow as more information is found and will be added.

We are striving to be your one stop outdoor web site that will cater to all of your likings. Either you are fishing the lakes of Maine to Rhode Island or walking through the woods of New Hampshire. We are constantly updating current information and are always looking for ideas as to what you, the reader, are searching for. With that, we can add all of that information for you as well as everyone else. If there are subject matters that you would like to see on our web site, please email us at and we will start right away researching and getting that onto the web site.

We take pride in that we concentrate on keeping youth involved in the outdoors and the KIDS OutDoors page has all of the current outdoor classes that are available from week to week. Looking at this page you will know if there is a class that your child would like to take near your home and gives you the dates and times with the associated links to the registration for getting into those classes. Also on this page, are kid’s outdoor programs that every New England state offers with the associated links and information that your child may be interested in seeing, doing and visiting.

Our intentions for this web site are to be your number one outdoor information stop when you looking for your New England outdoors needs. If you have a comment or if there is information that is not here that you feel would be beneficial to other New Englanders, please send us an email so that we can get working right away on that and this in turn is going to create a great resource for all of your New England OutDoor needs.

Thank you for looking and please come back often

The BackWoods Sportsman OutDoors Staff


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