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Handmade furniture to reflect what you are looking for in a piece that you would proudly display in your home or office. Every detail will reflect what you are looking for in a piece of furniture that you will always be proud to look at and display for all to see. A lot of times when you are looking for a furniture piece, you find that piece that you have always been looking for but for where you want to put it, it may be a bit to wide or to tall. That is when you would come to a place like this with picture in hand and still can get that piece for your home of office and it will fit into that spot that you are looking to fill. There are times that you also find that special piece but it may be built from the wrong wood species compared to all of the other furniture in your space. This is always another reason why folks look to a place like this for getting that item built.

 Bedroom Night Stand

 Indoor Rabbit Cages

 Wide Jelly Cabinet

 Round Coffee Table

 FireWood Box

 Hall Cupboard

 Corner Cabinet

 Wall Cabinet

 Narrow Jelly Cabinet

 Cabinet Doors

 Log Bed

 Window Picture Frame

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