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fishing reports 2013

August 17 2013

Finally got back to a bigger lake in our location and as the local tournaments start winding done, getting onto these bodies of waters is getting a bit easier. Conditions were sunny skies, very little wind, air temps were mid 70's and waters temps same mid 70's. This lake we always start on a creek mouth that has a big flat in the front of it that has a good weedbed base. Fishing plastics through the weeds always produces fish and there have been some very nice fish caught in this area over the years. Today was no different as there were bass caught again but the size definitely was not what we were looking for but to us a fish is a fish and as long as we are catching, that is all that matters. We were catching pickerel as well that have been void of coming into our boat this open water season and actually has been pretty nice not having to deal with them. We moved to a underwater point and was not able to locate any fish along this lake structure. We only had a few hours to fish and was nice to get onto some nicer fish as of late.

August 10 2013

Made the trip to New Hampshire to our favorite lake and hoping that the fish were going to be cooperating. Conditions were sunny skies, air temps upper 70’s, water temps 76 and there was a considerable wind. For how windy it was out on this lake, there were plenty of pleasure boater’s water skiing and tubing and made for crowded conditions. There are a number of spots that we fish regularly and these areas all produced fish which was nice to see and having some better size as well compared to what we have been use to lately. Baits of choice were a deep diving crankbait fished through the weeds in the 10 foot depths and also 4 inch stick plastic bait fished slowly through the weeds. All in all it was a good day out there as a number of fish were caught with a 2 pounder the biggest of the day.

August 4 2013

With so many local tournaments going on, fished the local small pond again and one of these days we are going to find the bigger fish that swim in its water. Conditions were sunny skies, light breeze, 70's air temps and 77 water temps. We fish this pond so much that you kind of get into a routine that you follow every time and this trip we changed it up to see if we can find the bigger fish that live here. So with that we decided to fish the shorelines and keep moving with fast moving baits to find the aggressive fish. When all was said and done it was once again the usual trip here with numbers of fish caught but still no big fish. There were a few that were a bit better sized, but not the 3-4 pounders that we know that are here. The lake is getting less pressure all summer and less than I have noticed in the previous years. I have a feeling that the size of fish is downsizing and the lake is flipping over for the fish size. I have seen this on lakes in New Hampshire where you get a few years that you consistently catch a smaller class year but after 3-5 years, the size dramatically goes back up to where the lake usually is. So for this particular pond, we may have a few years to wait till those nicer fish swim its waters once again.

July 27 2013

Decided to make a quick trip and got a bit of a late start and the first lake ended being totally full at the boat landing so back on the road to our backup lake. Arriving at the lake, once again, not a trailer in the lot and makes for a quick in the water and fishing. Conditions were sunny skies, low 80's air temps, mid 70's water temp and a light breeze. This is a small lake and have been fishing it quite a bit this year as it allows you to fish it in a few hours. In past years there are always a handful of very nice fish caught but we have been working very hard this season and haven't been able to find these fish at all. Not sure if the lake is turning over in the sense that the larger fish are gone and being taken over by a newer class of fish. For the hours that we have invested into this body of water, there is a very healthy class of 2 year old fish. Normally working shoreline structure we were able to catch a number of these fish along with the occasional crappie, perch and white perch. So if we have a few hours to fish we will be back once again to try and solve the big fish mystery.


July 17 2013

Finally able to make the trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and fished the morning on Lake Winnipesaukee. Air temps at 6am were already in the mid 80’s, water temps were 80-82 degrees, no wind and sunny skies. Winnipesaukee is a huge body of water and a day of fishing there you really don’t see much of the lake with the vastness of the water. So generally I pick a launch and fish that general area and pick apart the structure on that particular section of the lake. I had picked the Wolfeboro launch site and wanted to concentrate on the southern part of the main lake and the surrounding areas. Most areas that were fished there were fish on them but the sizes were very small. Mainly fished plastics light lining and always works as well as tubes fished around the rocks. Not having been there in a number of years was like fishing a brand new lake and starting over with locations. Was only able to fish till noon but with the heat wave that we have been having, all in all the fishing was on the tough side for me. I am looking forward to the next trip up there and will probably move further north up the lake and fish more of the back bays instead of the main lake.

June 9 2013

We had a few hours to try and catch some fish and hit a local pond and hope to find some bigger fish as we move into the summer pattern season. Weather conditions were sunny skies, winds around 5-10 mph, water temps in the upper 60's and air temps mid 60's. There was only one boat out there and they were constantly moving around and that is not a good sign that the fish may be a bit harder to locate. Started fishing a mid lake hump and worked up and down the steep sides as well as the top flat and wasn't able to locate any bass but my son was starting to get hot with the sunfish. After leaving that area we worked the shoreline and the sunfish were very active along the shores. I left the plastic baits and started throwing a shallow running crankbait at the shoreline targets and started connecting with some smaller largemouth bass. This lake has some good fish size wise but this year we have only been able to find the smaller bass and hopefully something hasn't happened to the fish in this lake. Have seen this happen to other lakes and it takes 3-5 years to get them back to a size quality lake once again. We will keep working this lake throughout the season and hopefully start connecting with some better sized fish.

June 2 2013

The heat is finally breaking as it had been so hot and muggy that fishing has been very uncomfortable. Conditions were windy, upper 80's air temps, mid 70's water temps and sunny skies. Upon arriving at the lake the boat landing parking was near 3/4 full already. Was going to be a busy day on the lake and fish are going to respond accordingly. Didn't take long and we were catching crappies on crankbaits and bass on plastics and was hoping that the day would continue as it had started. Moved around the lake trying to find an area that wasn't being blasted by the wind which was mostly impossible and along with that the boat traffic was getting unbearable so for the few hours out it was a good day of fishing, everyday is a good day when on the water.


May 27 2013

Been out a few times as the season was very late getting going this year with the late winter that we have had here in New England. Small fish have been caught and nothing really to write home about hence the lack of reports but now that the season is in full swing the reports will be coming regularly. There is one lake that I like to visit in the spring and fall that can give up some good fish and during the summer months, this lake becomes fairly difficult to fish as the pleasure boaters and water skiers really take over the lake. Weather was clear skies, light winds, air temps in the low 40's and water temps in the low 60's. Other lakes have been warmer but the bigger fish generally are still in the spawn phase and that was the agenda of finding them today. Started in a cove that generally offers bed locations but water clarity doesn't allow seeing them and within 15 minutes was rewarded with a nice 3 pound largemouth. Caught this fish of the side of a dock in less than 12 inches of water using a black/blue jig and trailer. Felt good getting a good fish finally this season and continued through this cove with no other fish. I continued all around the lake in the typical locations and as the wind got stronger and stronger, was not able to locate another fish. Tried a variety of baits, jigs, worms, jerkbait, deep diving crankbait and shallow crankbait. Covered a lot of water with all of the baits and while watching numbers of other anglers continually moving around, looked like it was the way the bites were going to be, tight.

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