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Game Camera Pics 2013

Here is a look at our game camera pictures for the year of 2013 as we prepare for the upcoming turkey and whitetail deer season. It is always fun and exciting to see what critters are using the area that you want to hunt and gets you use to seeing what areas they use for your preparation. It allows you to figure out their travel routes as well as tracking their times that they go through a certain area. Game cameras have helped in the hunting game immensely and are becoming a vital tool in the hunters equipment list. Another thing that the game camera helps with is seeing who has been around your area if you have the camera situated so that it is hidden and the unexpected person will never know that they are being photographed. Game cameras are becoming as important as the binoculars that you carry with you and it is just a fun way of seeing the wildlife in the area that you frequent.

September 28 2013

August 3 2013

July 27 2013


July 9 2013

September 21 2013

August 8 2013

August 19 2013

July 21 2013



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