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Have you experienced freshwater fishing through the ice or open water? Have you ever wondered what it would be like fishing out on the ice or open water? Do you think that fishing on the ice or open water looks like fun? If you have ever thought about any of these three questions then you will want to contact BWS OutDoors Guide Service for your angling experience.

The primary goal that BWS OutDoors Guide Service is to show and teach anglers on how to catch fish in the different seasons that New England has to offer. Our main objective is to catch fish, but also to educate anglers in the different techniques and tactics that we use to make everyday on the ice or open water a productive one.


Unique One on One service:

Our services are geared towards those folks that either have wanted to try fishing or don’t have the equipment and experience to try fishing on their own. With the one on one service, it will be just yourself and your guide, so that you get all of the help, one on one coaching and the information that you need to have a successful fishing trip. Your guide for your trip typically won't fish – unless fish need to be located, but works by your side giving you full attention and teaching you the art of fishing and adapting to what the fish want for having a successful trip. When you come off of the lake at the end of the trip, you will have a much better understanding of where, how and why we do what we do to catch more fish than before you had gone onto the waters.


Ice fishing

Welcome to the formal information page of the BWS OutDoors Guide Service for your One on One ice fishing experience. We are very pleased that you have located us and we are excited about the opportunities of ice fishing with you this winter on some of the Northern Massachusetts North Shore ponds and lakes. We generally fish for crappie, sunfish and jumbo perch as well you may also catch largemouth bass and pickerel as well with our techniques.

About your guide:

Kevin Dahlke has been a Massachusetts resident for 16 years and originally had moved here from the state of Minnesota. He brings many years of fishing experience to the local North Shore Ponds as well as many years of fishing experience from fishing all over the state of Minnesota. With this vast amount of experience from the Midwest, he takes on a different approach for locating and catching fish here in New England, which is considered “Modern Ice Fishing”. If there was the availability of having ice 12 months a year, that is where you would find him fishing in his element, he truly loves being able to fish on the ice.

 Kevin is sponsored by: Clam Outdoors, Ice Team and Ice Armor.

Typical trip on the ice:

Modern Ice Fishing is not the old standby of sitting by drilled holes and setting out the tip-ups and waiting for the fish to come to you. Our approach is using electronics and a run and gun (on the move) strategy, which on some days can get to be a bit exhausting, but with this technique and approach, we are able to follow the fish around the lake and catch them as we go. There is a bit more work involved in this technique, but by doing this, fish are caught more consistently and it is always a much more enjoyable day as generally you are catching fish as opposed to sitting and waiting for them to come to you and possibly not catching anything at all. You will learn the, what and why for the use of our tackle as well as to how to interpret what you are looking at on the Vexilar electronics screen that we use.

Trip Specifics:

  • Length of our trips are typically 4 hours long as this seems to be a good length of time for those that haven’t ice fished before. Fishing start times to be arranged at trip booking.

  • We will supply everything that is needed for our trip onto the ice that is fishing related. We typically don’t fish in a shelter, but if the weather looks to be bad or very cold, we will have a popup fish house and heat along. Fishing in a fish house does limit your mobility to one location so if we can fish without, we will and that allows us to keep on the fish as they move.

  • We fully promote catch and release so that future anglers will also enjoy the same excitement that you had catching these fish.

You will need to bring:

  • A wanting to have fun ice fishing, catching fish and wanting to learn as well

  • Warm clothing, as we will be in the elements, layering is the best as it is easier to take layers off as opposed to adding layers that you don’t have. Good warm boots are a necessity as you will be standing on the ice the whole time and wearing wool socks to keep your feet warm as well. A good hat and gloves are a must.

  • Food and drink if you desire, no alcohol

  • Fishing license for Massachusetts (you will be asked to show before stepping onto the ice)


Contact BWS OutDoors at BWS OutDoors Email

Refund and Payment Policy:

A $75 non-refundable deposit is due within five days of booking

Balance is due no later than 5 days prior to the trip

If trip is booked within 7 days of actual fishing day, then full payment is required at booking.

Payments will be refunded if 7 days notice given prior to the trip date. NO EXCEPTIONS and NO REFUNDS less than 7 days prior the trip date

More information needed email us at: Contact for more information

Sponsored by: Clam Outdoors, Ice Team and Ice Armor

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