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fishing trip photo's ice 12/13

A look at our adventures out on the ice during the 2012/2013 ice fishing season. As we travel around New England we are always searching for those bigger fish and every lake brings a new challenge as to what species of fish we will catch on the particular outing. Bringing kids with you out onto the ice while fishing is so much better than having them at home sitting on the computer, watching TV or playing video games. Kids can find so many different things to do on the ice while fishing from exploring the adjacent woods, bringing a football or soccer ball along for a fun game to play. As well as catch some fish that maybe they don't get to do that often during the summer months and is so much easier getting onto the ice compared to open water fishing. There is no need for a lot of equipment when you are ice fishing and you can also get to a lot of different locations on the lake that if you don't have a boat, you may never be able to fish. Dressing for the conditions is key in having an enjoyable time with your kids out on the ice for a day of ice fishing.

February 20 2013

March 2 2013

January 20 2013

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