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Fishing Trip Photo's Ice 13/14

A look at our adventures out on the ice during the 2013/2014 ice fishing season. As we travel around New England we are always searching for those bigger fish and every lake brings a new challenge as to what species of fish we will catch on the particular outing. Bringing kids with you out onto the ice while fishing is so much better than having them at home sitting on the computer, watching TV or playing video games. Kids can find so many different things to do on the ice while fishing from exploring the adjacent woods, bringing a football or soccer ball along for a fun game to play. As well as catch some fish that maybe they don't get to do that often during the summer months and is so much easier getting onto the ice compared to open water fishing. There is no need for a lot of equipment when you are ice fishing and you can also get to a lot of different locations on the lake that if you don't have a boat, you may never be able to fish. Dressing for the conditions is key in having an enjoyable time with your kids out on the ice for a day of ice fishing.

March 29 2014

The ice in MA is over with as the shorelines have opened up. So we headed to NH to the first place we fished and we caught a lot of fish but really just couldn't find anything for size.

March 23 2014

We made a road trip to the lakes region of NH and there are a few lakes that have good sized crappie to fish. We located a lot of fish but nothing in the way of the actual fish that we were fishing for.

March 16 2014

Trip to New Hampshire to another lake that we have only fished in the summer months to see if we can find them in the winter

March 9 2014

We went back to New Hampshire as we were looking to catch smallmouth bass but the area that we have done well before only had largemouth bass

March 2 2014

After last Sunday's great day on the ice we decided to return and see if we can repeat what we had caught. Conditions were a lot tougher today but still managed to catch fish.

February 23 2014

Since Massachusetts lakes are loaded with slush we hit the road and went to New Hampshire to get away from some of it. We fish a lake a lot in the summer and headed there for this trip and we were pleasantly surprised once again.

February 15 2014

Storm approaching once again and wanted to get out and find some fish before it hits. Headed to the deepest part of the lake and found the crappies and sunfish.

February 8 2014

Finally made it out to a lake that has huge crappie in it but was not able to locate them but found some nice perch and sunfish

February 1 2014

Only had a few hours and went to a local pond that we haven't been to in a while. The fish were there but small in size and our target was crappie but we couldn't find those.

January 18 2014

After a long warm spell that killed a number of our lakes by rotting the shorelines, we always have one that usually stays frozen and locked up and that was the case with minimum of 6 inches of ice.

January 11 2014

Amongst the warm weather and threatening and sometimes rain, was able to locate schools of crappies in 22 feet of water mixed with sunfish and white perch.

December 27 2013

Our trip to MN for 5 days of solid fishing only turned into 2 days of fishing as the -22 degree weather moved in and killed our fishing opportunities. The 2 days that we were out there were many sunfish caught and we had a good fish fry because of it.

March 22 2014

We heard a pond was producing some nice fish that we usually frequent but haven't been there yet this season so we decided to give it a shot and was pleasantly surprised

March 15 2014

We went back to the lake from last Saturday and hoped to try another location for some smallmouth. No smallmouth but nice perch were caught.

March 8 2014

With the warm weather we had to hit a local lake looking for smallmouth but instead we really got into the jumbo perch

March 1 2014

Had the morning to do some fishing and decided to try a lake with big crappies in it but are hard to find. Finally I was able to score one of these fish as well as a few other species as well


February 22 2014

With all of the snow and then rain, the ice here in New England is getting very sloppy and lots of slush on top of the ice. Fish were not very cooperative as well and only a few were caught before we were wet from all of the slush.

February 16 2014

Time to try a new lake that we haven't fished before and see what we can catch. Was looking for bass but the stayed away but found some nice perch instead.

February 9 2014

Since the previous day didn't yield the crappies we were looking for, we headed to one of our good crappie ponds but they didn't want to bite there either but the bass and pickerel really were on

February 2 2014

Time to head to NH and fish a lake that we haven't been to yet. Always fun exploring new waters and exciting in waiting and seeing what we can catch and figure out

January 25 2014

After a good freeze once again this week, was able to get onto a crappie pond that generally is not safe to get on the ice and the fish cooperated.

January 12 2014

We had to drive to four lakes before gaining access as the shorelines are opening up and we ended up back where I had fished the previous day and the action was non stop once again with crappies and sunfish the targeted fish.

January 5 2014

Back home in New England we drove to NH to get away from the snow and the day was filled with flags and also jigging many small crappies up as well.

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