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BearPaws Hand Poured Baits

The 5" Shotgun Grub is a different type of grub. It produces all types of fish. The large lumbering tail cuts through the water like a Colorado blade. The tail works great while dropping, raising and of coarse reeling in. There is incredible action to this bait. This grub has a larger profile than most grubs. The body is ribbed to give the texture of a real insect along with a long shank to give the Shotgun grub all the characteristics of a fish catching machine. The key word is different. The bait is now available, it's up to you to reel them on in.

The 6" PROWLER WORM is a combination of some of the most famous worms used. The Prowler Worm has all of the features of a Power Worm while the tail has some of the traits of a Mann's Auger Tail. The Prowler Worm has been exceptional in all seasons and all types of bodies of waters. There are many different ways to fish the Bearpaws Prowler Worm. This worm is a throw back bait before the stick baits emerged. If you want to go back to basics. This is a bait for everyone.

The Mega Ribbed Swimbait. This is the Grandfather to the 258 smaller swimbait.  This is a 5" swimbait  That has all of the aspects of a baitfish for that larger prey. The texture of the soft plastic goes perfect with the extruding ribs that gives that extra real life feel. All of the colors that is available on the color chart is welcome with this bait. Not to mention that Megastrike formula is also fortified into this bait like any other baits that Bearpaw has to offer. The Megastrike ensures that longer hold onto the bait for better hooksets.

The URSUS MAJOR TRAILER- is a trailer that is larger than the popular cub trailer by almost an inch. A 3.5" piece of plastic that contains Megastrike like all of Bearpaws Products and that can match to any color jig you desire. This Trailer is a larger profile for the larger Jigs and larger fish. This trailer is the Ultimate weapon.



Bearpaws hand poured baits have been a leader with a slow sinking quality. But, with the emergence of wacky Rigging and weightless techniques, the floating bait are not in those equations.

To keep a step ahead, Bearpaw baits, now is a faster sinking bait than it used to be. Our soft textures give each bait a lifelike action as in nature. These baits are made up with a special refined salt to give them weight and taste.

Bearpaws Baits have better quality and durability, we use a new additive that is a clear glitter called SUGAR that gives weight and strength to the bait.

 *NOTE* You decide if you want a floating, medium or a fast sinking bait. That is what we do is CUSTOM BAIT making For your enjoyment. Try to get that option from a Big named bait company.

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