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Many hours were spent on the New England ice this season with a number of different species of fish caught as well. My son really came into his prime this season and spent many hours with me out there as well

A Boy and Ice Fishing for Bass
Getting kids introduced into ice fishing can be a great experience or not so great, but getting my son introduced has blossomed into something that I thought never would have happened, I have a fishing addict on my hands and a partner for life

Back to New Hampshire in search of the large and smallmouth bass and concentrating on rock shoals and mid lake ridges. Fishing these different types of structures is always interesting and size of fish always vary with that possibility of catching a big fish.

Getting back to fishing for panfish really had to work hard this trip to find any fish that had any size to them but numbers of sunfish and crappies were caught but small.

Went back to the previous spot that I was catching bass in New Hampshire and wanted to work the area over more and discovered with a cold front went through that the bass moved into deeper water.

My son was more than ready to hit the ice for the first time this year and he has grown and matured quite a bit in the last year and put on a show for icing some fish.

Planned another run to do some bass fishing but wanted to concentrate on a different area of the lake and was very well rewarded with this move and exceeded my expectations.

Made a plan to go to my favorite bass lake and try jigging for bass through the ice. I have never really targeted bass through the ice and figured that I would try it and see what happens.

Ice Fishing Crappies Jan 20
Our favorite crappie pond has finally froze over with additional snow accumulation as well makes it tough to get around this pond but the crappies are there and waiting for those that search for them.

Exploring new waters is always a great time and adventure and this trip was no different, the numbers were somewhat low but the size was definitely there as I worked an underwater point searching for panfish.

Cold weather moves into the New England area, this has finally setup the ice for fishing and many anglers are waiting to get a line wet this ice season. Patterning fish is key to a successful day and once that productive pattern is established, fish are going to be caught.

With the ice finally here in New England many anglers have been waiting with anticipation of wetting a line in their favorite waters and we were as well, fish are waiting and ready for your presentation.

With the late start to the 2008/2009 ice season here in New Englnad we had to make a trip to New Hampshire to find safe ice and an enjoyable day on the ice.

With the ice trying to freeze on the local ponds, but also open water exists at the same time. Taking the kayak out and finding fish while floating around with some skim ice.

Cool nights and days lately are cooling the waters quickly in New England and ice is starting to skim over local ponds. Middle of the ponds is still open water and paddling the kayak through the thin ice allows us to get to our fishing location....

There is a period when fishing New England becomes a lot of fun and that is just before the ice takes over our favorite ponds. Many anglers either are done for the year or are waiting for the ice to form, they are missing out on some great panfish opportunities...

Many bass anglers will give up bass fishing once the labor day weekend is gone and the waters start cooling but for those that are still out there fishing for bass, these are the anglers that are cashing in...

Many anglers have given up on fishing once we get into October but for those that are still out there fishing, October can and will be some of the best fishing of the year...

Fall fishing can be some of the best and worst times for bass fishing, but when it is good there are numbers of bass caught and also some of the biggest fish of the year are caught as well in the fall...

A look at the products that Loby Baits has to offer the panfish angler out there for either the open water and hard water season alike, a product that we use all the time...
Family vacations are always fun and showing the kids different parts of the country gives them a broader understanding of the areas of this country...
Spring brings along with it warming water and the shorelines of the lakes and ponds are starting to team with life...take a look at a bass in its search for prime bedding areas getting ready for the spawn...

BWS OutDoors Fishing May 7 2008
Fishing from shore can be very productive as well as a test for your patience when they are not cooperating...take a look at this footage and hopefully pick up a few tips for your shoreline fishing...
The ice has finally left and getting onto open water for the first time of the season is something that I look forward to every or no fish, being able to cast a line again is a great feeling...
This was one of our longest ice seasons that we have had and many waters and a few states were traveled in search of fish

The last ice trip of the year and hoping that the fish were getting into the spring mode but still had to work to catch and find fish

With the days of our ice fishing starting to wind down we went searching for slab crappies and my son found a personal best and the excitement that ensued was second to none

With storm front after storm front going through the New England area, couple that with winds that are gusting to over 40mph, the ever changing weather conditions makes fishing tough to figure out

BWS OutDoors Ice Fishing Feb 24 2008
After a snowstorm the conditions turned very favorable and what better then spend a beautiful day on the ice with my son
Introducing my son to ice fishing was a great experience and it looks like I have a new buddy to take to the lake
With another approaching storm front we were able to finally find our quarry in the 13" crappies and a number of them as well

Fishing in New England is anything from boring especially when it comes to the weather conditions that we are faced with

This time of year we start to concentrate our efforts and look for slab crappies through the ice as they are feeding and getting ready for the spawn in a couple of months

Fishing Through Storm Front
When an angler doesn't get to choose the days that they hit the water, you have to take whatever the conditions are if you are going to fish
After being in MN for a week and the very mild temps here in New England has kept us off of the ice, we are back and ready to hit it hard

Bass on Ice
When ice fishing there is always those times that when a fish hits it doesn't feel like the others that have been biting and then the fight is on

Ice fishing at any time is exciting and fun but after a significant snow fall, it can be a little taxing to get out to your fishing holes

Early Season Ice Fishing
Getting out onto that first ice of the season is always highly anticipated, hoping the fish are going to cooperate is another thing

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